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Pal is committed to working with diverse underserved P-12 students and schools throughout San Diego County.


PAL Partner Schools

PAL wouldn't be possible without the participation of our local schools. Thank you!

PAL Partnership Responsibilities

The Role of the UCSD PAL Student: 

  • To learn about the students, the classroom, the school, and the surrounding community;
  • To follow the direction of the host teacher and assist with classroom teaching and learning activities; and to participate in those activities by working with individual or small groups of students;
  • To assist with instruction under teacher supervision; 
  • To serve as a college role model and caring adult to all students at the site;
  • To complete of minimum of 40 consistent field hours during the ten-week quarter.

The Role of the Host Teacher:

  • To provide the UCSD PAL Student with basic information about the students, the classroom, the school site, and the community;
  • As appropriate, to provide lesson plans and guidance which allow the UCSD PAL student to work with individuals and small groups of students;
  • To facilitate opportunities for the UCSD PAL Student to complete required course assignments;
  • To maintain regular communication with the UCSD PAL Student through informal talks at school, phone conversations, email, and/or text;
  • To sign a log sheet for the UCSD PAL Student at the end of each site visit.

 The Role of the UCSD Instructor and Course Assistants:

  • To provide the UCSD PAL Students with class sessions, readings and assignments that support their work and thinking about education;
  • To monitor UCSD PAL Students through weekly journals and regular meetings;
  • To address questions and concerns of UCSD PAL Students and Host Teachers.

Overview of PAL Classes & Student Roles


student roles chart

Individual School Spreadsheets

Please click on your schools link to see a list of PAL students at your school for the current academic year:

 Baker Elementary

 More schools coming soon!

Resources for Host Teachers

Mentor Tips for Classroom Time

The UCSD Academic Year: UCSD operates on the quarter system. Fall quarter begins at the end of September and ends in mid-December. Winter quarter begins in January and ends in mid-March. Spring quarter runs between the beginning of April and the beginning of June. You can see the current UCSD academic year calendar here.

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