PAL provides opportunities for UC San Diego’s undergraduate students to work with underserved P-12 students and schools.

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PAL Courses Satisfy Several Course Requirements in the following areas:

PAL Courses offered this Spring:

  • EDS 130 & 139: Elementary Mentoring & Practicum in Teaching/Learning
  • EDS 136 & 139: Middle/High School Tutoring & Practicum in Teaching/Learning
  • EDS 135: Working With Newcomer Communities in San Diego
  • EDS 137 & 139: Arts in the Classroom & Practicum in Teaching/Learning
  • EDS 139: For Continuing PAL Students and Paid PAL Tutors Only
  • EDS 140: PAL Action Research For Continuing PAL Students Only

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Before you can register, you will need to complete a PAL Placement Request Form.

Community College students cross-enroll in a PAL course.