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UCSD PAL students:

Information for new and existing UC San Diego PAL students.

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Teaching and Learning Resources:

Curriculum and other learning resources for parents, teachers, and students.

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Partner Schools:

PAL program information and resources for our host teachers and schools.

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FREE virtual teacher professional development opportunity - Sony KOOV workshop offered 12/8/20

Quick and easy activities for teachers, tutors, students, and families to use anytime and anywhere!

Amy Bintliff

Pandemic Brings Together New Friends and Partners at Learning

"I love to have UC San Diego tutors in my classroom. The tutors satisfy many different and important roles. The UC San Diego mentors extend my 'reach' as an instructor. Collectively we are able to interact with many more students than I could ever hope to on my own. The tutors, in my experience, are proven commodities. They are young men and women who have made the social and academic commitment to serve. My students always look forward to those days of the week when the tutors are present." — Teacher, Florence Elementary